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Why you should ditch your traditional hotel room for a luxury hotel room while traveling to Mumbai

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Mumbai is the city of dreams, still, it is pretty hard to find the hotel of your dreams in a city where people put much effort into upgrading their standard of life. However, luxury hotels in Mumbai have already made a worldwide name for themselves at being adept in service and setting the bar for other hotels to reach all over India. One such hotel is Fariyas, not only are they luxurious, they are affordable, too! Let us dive into why you should opt for a luxury hotel room rather than a standard one when in Mumbai.

Excellent room service and friendly staff

Generally, guests at a luxury hotel are either business executives, people roaming with their spouses or people who enjoy mixing business with leisure. Guests such as them have various reasons to select a luxury hotel over a standard hotel one of them is the quality of excellent room services that the former provides. For the staff at luxury hotels, the comfort of their guests is their only priority. And they are trained to always serve while on their best behaviors. However, that is not always the case in a standard hotel where staff can misbehave and get away with it. We suggest you consider opting a bit pricey but significantly reputable option and go ahead with booking that luxury room you have your eye on!


Other services that you won’t get at your standard hotel, no matter how much you pay

Standard hotels can also cost quite a lot for very little service. But at a luxury hotel, like Fariyas in Mumbai, you can rest assured you will definitely get what you pay for. Along with the regular services, you get added services of swimming pools, banquet halls, tavern and bar, two stunning dining rooms, meeting halls and presentation halls for business purposes or functions.

Superior Food And Hygiene

Nobody can argue on the fact that luxury hotels have a far superior quality of food than any other standard hotel can ever have with excellent hygiene. Cleanliness is 100% guaranteed at a luxury hotel, not only in the kitchen but everywhere else as well because they care for the health of their guests and are proactive to discourage any unhygienic practices.

A luxury hotel can provide you with one of the best culinary experiences of your life. Fariyas is renowned for its world-class cuisines, stunning dining halls and an exciting tavern that is famous among young people.


Although luxury hotels tend to gravitate towards being pricey, it is important to understand that the service you get for you the price you pay is far superior and fulfilling than at a standard traditional hotel. Not only do you get the best room service, friendly and attentive staff, top-notch culinary experience, additional benefits of a ton of other services but you also get the pampering comfort that you deserve but compromise on. This is the time to stop coming to term with living at substandard places and start opting for the comfort you deserve at your home away from home in Fariyas Mumbai.